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Doggie Tales

(Doggie tales is a series of stories about the “kids” in my life…)

As I was laying in bed this morning, in that region between sleep and wake, I was reminded of a event that happened a while back between my boy Blue and “Uncle Bob”, who was staying with us at the time.

I came home from work one day and Bob was sitting on the couch, watching tv. As I sat down to join him, Bob suddenly exclaimed “watch this”. Now Bob’s from the South, so “watch this” could mean anything, but in this case it meant Blue, coming out of the kitchen after getting a drink. Now I got Blue as a 4 month old rescue puppy, so I don’t know who taught him to be a dog. But I can tell you he was just about the sloppiest drinker I’ve ever seen. He’d just about get his head in the bowl and slurp until full, then pull his head out with water running everywhere.

Anyway, getting back to our story, Blue came out of the kitchen, right over to Uncle Bob and put his head right in Bob’s lap. I thought this was wicked sweet – Blue bonding with Bob after such a short time. Until Bob yelled “get out of here”. Then Bob proceeded to explain how, at first, he’d thought the same thing I did, until he’d noticed that his pants were all wet.

Yup, that’s right – Blue had found a “slop towel” to dry his face after a drink – and it was Bob’s lap.

Which led me to wake up this morning laughing out loud – which confused the crap out of Max. But that was OK – I was up and now he could go out – no better way to start the day for either of us.