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The Continuing Adventures of Shiloh

Here are some posts over the past few months since Shiloh joined our family. To say he’s an awesome companion is an understatement. Along with Max he provides love and companionship, all for just a few extra expenses (chewed up boots, gloves and toys), a warm bed and a daily meal. A small price for what I get in return – and now, Shiloh…

A Week Later –

So, today he got his final “booster” – good ’till next year. He met a few people at the Vet’s today as well. I can’t say enough about Sharon at Riverside Rescue – she’s hooked me up with my two best friends – I’d be lost without them. Now, on to the goof.

I feel bad for Shiloh – adapting to being an “indoor/outdoor” dog has been a bit painful for him – literally. He keeps banging his head/chin/whatever when he tries to turn too quickly. Being outside he didn’t have all this “stuff” that keeps getting in the way. He never complains, but I’ll tell you, I’ve winced more than once for him.

Another thing I found recently – when I blow in his face, instead of getting angry, he flops down on the floor, using both paws to “rub his eyes”. I don’t think my breath is THAT bad, so I’m just chalking it up to another endearing quality of his.

A Couple of Weeks In –

Last night was Shiloh’s first night of “free range”. The good news – no accidents and nothing chewed up. The bad news – at a little after 3:00am I got a nose in the face, letting me know he was bored. I told him to lay down (which he did) and got another 45 minutes. Then it was on-and-off until a little after 5, when I let him out and he went through his usual 7:00am routine. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

And now, the 5:00am News –

Much like a new baby, getting Shiloh to “sleep through the night” is quite a challenge. I made it to 4:30 today – the latest so far – and was able to “put him off” until 5:00. He’s always excited when he gets me up, ready to play and “start the day”, while my fat ass is dragging low enough to almost hit the floor. And look what greets me when I go to let him out – already a couple of inches of snow, but that’s OK – the weather says it’ll “stop” around 10:30. This is a month early and a month unwanted (“In winter is very depressing” – EuroTrip).

All’s Well –

Well, it was a bit of a crazy weekend. On Saturday Shiloh got into something that set him to exploding at both ends (thank goodness for carpet cleaners and washing machines). I’m pretty sure he was a “Poo Chew Magoo”, and that’s what set him off (seen it before in my other pups).

Anyway, he’s fine now. And is he ever funny – every time a dog barks, whines or otherwise makes a sound on tv, his head shoots up, with the ears at full attention, as he cocks his head to and fro searching for the source of the sound.

The picture I have here is of him sleeping on the deck door. Though the crate is gone, he still keeps his head propped up – from the sounds he makes when he sleeps flat, I think he may have sleep apnea. That’d be pretty funny – Dad and Lad on snorkels.

Quick Shiloh Story –

So, I went to redeem a Dunkin’ Donuts “free beverage” today, and decided (since I’d never had one) to get a smoothie – with whipped cream no less – at the DD in Walmart. As I came out to the truck, I put the drink in the holder and told both dogs (while looking at Shiloh) not to knock it over. I put my purchases in the truck bed and as I went to get in, there was Shiloh – tongue deep into the whipped cream. What a piece of work.

The Toys –

Much like a child, Shiloh likes to play with his toys. He will empty his toybox slowly, taking one toy at a time and bringing it to a specific part of the house to chew on it – usually the sun room, where he can see most of what goes on in the world.

And, like a good parent, I begin to pick up the toys as I begin to trip over them, or if I need to vacuum. I don’t think that Shiloh understands this though, as he will, one by one, take the toys back out and relocate them to what he perceives as their “proper” place shortly after I pick them up.

Lately however, he’s begun the “Kevin McAlister” game (you know, the kid from “Home Alone”) where, in the middle of the night, he will relocate the toys to specific “high traffic” areas, in the hopes of seeing me step on one, scream “what the f%$k” as it squeaks, jump off it, bang into the wall (or some object of furniture), scream “son of a …” as I try to make my way elsewhere. I swear he peeks around the corners and laughs when this happens…

More Toys –

So, while I was out yesterday, I stopped in at Tractor Supply to get some dog treats (all natural AND made in the USA – good place to go) and I checked on the dog toys, since Shiloh has decimated what I had in stock.

Kong toys are supposed to be the toughest, so I got him a couple of squeaky balls and a “squeeze stick” (about 7 inches long) – it says it’ll continue to squeak, even with a hole in it (so wrong). I gave him the stick and he went right at it – he loves a challenge.

Well, it only took him about an hour to stop it from squeaking, and maybe another hour to rip a piece off of it. When I went to bed last night, he’d decided to “stay up” and play with his new toy. This morning – confetti all over the living room floor. The biggest piece was about the size of my thumb.

I may change his name to “El Destructo” (As for the squeaky balls – they last about 5 minutes).