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An Awesome Steak

With summer on the way, I’m sure that, for most folks, grilling will be the go-to for steaks. But what if you don’t want to grill – or it’s raining – or, like me, you love your cast iron. Well then, let me share with you my favorite recipe for an awesome meal. It goes like this (I use a 12 inch pan):

1 Steak (I prefer rib eye) about 3 lbs
1 large or medium onion (depending on taste)
1 large can mushroom “stems and pieces” (or you can spring for the whole slices)
1 teaspoon beef bouillon
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 350.
Let steak come to room temp. or microwave on medium for 30-45 seconds (1000w).
Slice onion into approximately 1/8 inch slices – not too thin, not too thick.
Open and drain mushrooms.
Place a small amount of oil in pan and work around.
Heat cast iron pan on high until warm/hot (1-2 min.).
Salt and pepper both sides of your steak.
Place steak in pan and cook on high for 3-5 minutes to brown one side.
Flip steak and move to one side of the pan.
Spread onion slices all over bottom of open space in pan.
Sprinkle with bouillon.
Sprinkle mushrooms over the onions
Move the cast iron pan to the oven.
Cook for 20 min./lb. (medium) or use a thermometer as listed below

Grill Times & Temperatures for Steak
Steak Doneness – Remove at this Temperature – Final Cooked Temperature
Rare – 130 to 135°F – 130 to 140°F
Medium Rare – 140°F – 145°F
Medium – 155°F – 160°F
Well Done – 165°F – 170°F

In the end, you’ll have a most awesome steak with onions and mushrooms – all done in one pan.