The Old Man On The Mountain

A View From the Backwoods of NH

Local Reviews

Red Star = Bad, Green Star = Good


White Mountain Transmissions – Bethlehem, NH – Red Star Warning
Owner Alfred G “Fuck Me Freddy” Storella is truly the “scum of the earth.” In my life I have never met ANYONE more arrogant while trying to justify being a thief than Freddy. As Gomer said, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.” If you want to pay “government prices” for auto repair, then this is the place to go. Freddy and his two workers are the “Larry, Darryl and Darryl” of the White Mountains.

Autosaver Group – Littleton NH, St Johnsbury VT (multiple dealerships) – Red Star
Stay away from these folks for service – these are the folks that offer the “free” 25 point check that’s guaranteed to make you wish you owned a different vehicle. Which they just happen to have available as well (get the idea). They’ll find something horribly (expensive) wrong with your vehicle every time. I guess I don’t need to mention that buying from them would probably be a bad idea too.

Decosta Construction – Plymouth NH – Red Star Warning
I hired these folks to re-shingle my roof since it leaked the previous year. Dana (owner) assured me they could do what I asked for – re-shingle, soffits (don’t need them) and move a skylight – no problem. On the day of the job, he informed me that they couldn’t move the skylight (too much work). They did all the rest of the work in a day and appeared to have cleaned up well. A month later during a heavy rain my gutters overflowed because they were full of residual junk from the old roof. Two months later my roof was leaking because of “ice dams” (something that the soffits I didn’t need would alleviated). When I asked him to come fix his work, he told me he couldn’t do anything until spring, then asked me for a credit card – so much for his “warrantied” work. I learned a lot from this experience – and I’m sharing it with you – NEVER HIRE THIS GUY!

ACHS (click for locations) – Green Star
If you need health services here in the Great White North, these are the folks to see. Their Administration group can answer almost every question and get you set up with a Medical professional in no time. Everyone here has always been helpful and compassionate.


Mr. Lee’s Chinese Food – Littleton, NH – Green Star
While not much to look at, I’ve always had a great experience ordering from Mr. Lee’s, and their prices are reasonable. Oh, and did I mention that Mrs. Lee’s a sweetheart.

Alburrito’s Mexican Food – Littleton NH – Green Star
Good food, good prices, nice atmosphere for the mountains. Also features outside summer seating.

Chang Thai Cafe – Littleton, NH – Green Star
I asked the waitress “what’s good?”, she replied “Everything.” She wasn’t lying. While the prices are a bit high, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. And the service was top notch.

Rosa Flamingo’s – Bethlehem NH – Green Star
With a name like this, wouldn’t you be expecting something Hispanic? Well, you’d be wrong. Rosa’s has fine Italian food that, while good, is a bit pricey for me. But that’s me – I cook my own Italian so going here is a luxury.