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Sammi and Gonkers

Long ago, before the turn of the century, I had a site that I created and posted things about the family on. One of those pages was dedicated to our family pets, Sambuca (Sammi Jo), our dog and Algonquin (Gonkers), our cat. This posting is what I saved from their page – a snapshot of that time. I hope you enjoy…

Hey, thanks for clicking on my page (well, mine and that dumb cat’s). No, really, Al’s a cool cat and a lot of fun to chase around the house (whenever I get bored). While everybody calls me Sammi Jo, my real name is Sambuca (Dad said I give out so many kisses, he had to name me after a (sic) Licker). I was abandoned at 3 months old when Dad came to get me from the Shelter. He knew right away that I was his kind of dog and took me right on the spot! (he mumbled something about what kind of idiot would be stupid enough to let a great dog like me go). Now I get 3 squares and the run of the house! ‘Cause I’m part Collie and part German Shepard, Charlie calls me his “German Collie”, which I like much better than “Mutt” (I’ve even got white socks on all fours).

My main function in life is to protect the family, the house and any vehicle I’m riding in (I LOVE to go for rides). My best friends are Frank and Rocky. Frank’s a human, but knows what a dog likes ( he plays frisbee and catch with me whenever he comes over). Rocky lives next door. He’s a Black Lab. Unfortunately we live in a “leash law” town, so I only get to play with him whenever he (or I) can sneak out.

As for my favorite things in life, I love to play frisbee, catch (especially snowballs), chasing squirrels (one of these days I’m gonna catch one of them varmints), going for a walk and going for rides (either car, truck or boat).

Hey, thanks for clicking on my page (well, mine and that dumb dog’s). No, really, Sammi’s a real pal – although not too bright (you know how blondes are). I let her chase me around the house whenever I get bored. My real name is Algonquin, and I was named after one of the best cats Dad ever knew (the original Algonquin loved to fetch bottle caps).

Unlike my namesake, I don’t do “tricks”. I’m more of a real “Tom”, if you catch my drift. I’ll let the family pet me (if I’m in the mood), but mostly I just sleep all day and cruise all night. With the exception of the girl (Kym, who forces me to lay down with her), I prefer to just be by myself.

Unlike Sammi, my main function in life is to eat, sleep and poop (although not necessarily in that order). I pretty much have the run of the house and my humans wrapped around my double paw. One thing I will say is that I’m quite the hunter. If it moves, it’s mine. I’ve brought home mice, birds, squirrels and baby bunnies as gifts (although Dad really pitched a hissy over that bunny. He told me “anything but bunnies”, like I’d listen to him anyway).

As for friends, like I said, I’m a loner. But Dad comes close, especially when he gives me my “Kitty Pot” (catnip). That stuff really trips me out. And Jenn, who lets me sleep on her bed, or hide in her messy room so the boy won’t find me (Geez, that kid just won’t leave me alone).