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Q & A

I’ll post answers to questions I receive (and deem worthy of an answer) on this page.

Q: Why do you use Facebook for comments? I don’t have a Facebook account, don’t want one, but would still like to comment. What gives?

A: Believe me, I understand. For the longest time I wasn’t a member of Facebook because I wanted to stay “off the grid”. But I use Amazon and Skype, have a Google gmail account and a smartphone. In my eyes, the days of staying “off grid” are over. So I’ve taken a different tact – flood the information pipeline and let them sift it out.

As for Facebook, I could run a blog from my site, install all the spam filtering, security stuff, maintain it, etc. – or I could just let Mark do the heavy lifting for me on Facebook. I chose to let Mark do it.

Q: I like your site layout – what did you use to create it?

A: The site was created using WordPress, with the free template Yoko, by Elmastudio.

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