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Bill And Hillary

If you started reading this thinking that it’s a story about the former First Couple, you’d be half right. And the other half? Entertainment Royalty. You see, this is my take on a very serious situation that faces ALL Americans – the liability inherent in doing nothing when a crime has been committed.

No, I’m not talking about reporting a burglary, or chasing down a purse snatcher. Or even reporting a suspected terrorist. No, this is much worse – it is the crime, mostly by women, of saying nothing when they’ve been attacked, usually by a man (well, I use the term “man” here loosely – to me they’re closer to vermin). And the one I’m going to address here, the scariest one that I know of, was once considered by most Americans to be the wholesome, clean cut image that they strive to be, the “Bill” of our story, Bill Cosby.

From his clean cut comedic stories of his life’s adventures, to portraying a clean cut family doctor on a popular television series bearing his name, to being the “children’s friend” that always got them Jello Pudding Pops, Bill Cosby has personified an image of honesty and trustworthiness. Which made it all the more shocking and unbelievable when the public accusations of raping, drugging, coercing or sexually assaulting over 30 different women since 1965 surfaced in force last year. AT LEAST 30 – SINCE 1965.

And not a single one made a stand. Not a single one stood up and sacrificed their life or career to prevent this from happening to the next woman in line. Instead, they kept silent until they felt he was old enough to take down. Now think about this – think about how different the lives of over 30 women would be today if the one before them had stood up and screamed a warning. Sure, Bill probably would have beaten the rap. And like I said earlier, the woman in question would most likely have sacrificed her career in doing so. But are we, as human beings, so dishonorable as to knowingly allow something like this to happen to another?

And this is where I question liability – the liability inherent in saying or doing nothing. While I may not be a lawyer, I am familiar with the term “accessory after the fact”, and isn’t that what each and every accuser was, an accessory after the fact? Because they knew what he did, knew what he was capable of, but still said and did nothing – nothing until it was too late for all those other women. And while what happened to them was terrible, the fact that it could have possibly been avoided is even worse.

And the Hillary of our story, well, yes, she is the one of Clinton fame. The one that wants to run our country. The one that’s married to a man who probably isn’t any better than the Bill I’ve already spoken about. And she knew – and she didn’t say anything. And it happened again and she didn’t say anything. And if it wasn’t for Linda Tripp, he’d probably still be doing it today, and she’d still be silent. Because to speak up would hurt her chances at her goal in life.

So, for all you parents out there reading this, as you kiss your daughters goodnight tonight, think about the Bills, about all those women, and think about Hillary. And think about what you would do if it was YOUR little girl that got hurt because someone was too self-serving to speak up and prevent it.

Then get up off your ass and do something about it!