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Election 2016

Religion and Politics – if you don’t write about both then you’re a coward. I’ve already covered religion in previous stories, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty – how do I view the Presidential Election in 2016? I’m going to try and make this a living document until Election Day, so I’ll give the current party favorites below (as an Independent I’m impartial to either, but since NH is a “Republican” State, I’ll start with them), and update one paragraph each as things transpire. What I’d like to see in a President is a person of action, that has some idea of a plan, that isn’t afraid to do “what’s right” instead of “what’s popular”, and won’t make me cringe (like the incumbent does now) when working with world powers.

04/16 – All Parties:

Well, this will be the last update for a while, unless something really wild comes along. On the Republican side, despite continuing to put his foot in his mouth, Donald Trump stands as the strongest Republican candidate (and they called John McCain a maverick). The late shows are all poking fun at Ted Cruz, commenting before the New York Primary that they saw him “pulling a pizza down the subway stairs”, clearly a reference to “pizza rat”. And John Kasich is either looking for a VP nod, or tying to prove that there’s something bad in Ohio’s water. He IS the booger you can’t flick off. The GOP is so terrified that Trump will get the necessary delegates to win at the convention that they’re willing to try anything to prevent it (including losing).

On the Democratic side, Hillary still leads, despite the fact that Bernie Sanders continues to win states. The fact that the “Super Delegates” (read “bought” votes) continue to back Hillary only contribute to the reality that the Democratic Party is as crooked as the person they’re backing (Hillary). She recently made a reference to how “President Obama” believed in her – and while that should have been the crushing blow, I’m sure the sheep will cheer it and push her forward.

As for me, well, I’m both amazed and disappointed that what we have for choices is the BEST that America can offer. And I have to believe that we have done a severe disservice to all that have sacrificed to bring America to where we are today. With that said, based on what’s available, here’s how I’d vote –

Donald Trump – Hard to believe, but for what’s out there, he IS the best candidate – and it’s only 4 years.

Bernie Sanders – He knows people and government, can be held in check by Congress – and it’s only 4 years.

Me – Based on what’s left, I know I can do a better job. Hey, at least I’m honest – and it’s only 4 years.

As for Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton, well, those megalomaniacs would do more damage than good in my opinion. And do we really want a President that thinks that murder (Hillary) is acceptable, as long as she doesn’t get dirty? Wake up America – it’s not that she’s a bad woman, it’s that she’s a bad person.

03/16 – Republican:

Well, Trump continues to win, Rubio drops out, Cruz is expecting the GOP to give HIM the nomination (since Trump’s a rogue) and Kasich is almost as delusional as O’Malley was on the Democrat side. Speaking of Donald, well, the GOP is terrified of this rogue operative, running under the “Republican” flag while not respecting the GOP way (big business above the people – ALWAYS!!). They’re doing their best to discredit him and replace him with one of their own – Cruz or Rubio – who will get slaughtered against EITHER Democrat. All the GOP will end up doing is electing the other team – talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

03/16 – Democrat:

Well, it doesn’t look good for Bernie. I guess too much honesty was more than the American people could take. Bernie doesn’t stand a chance against the DNP and Hillary together. All these “super delegates”, which are nothing more than rogue delegates that can vote for whoever pays them the most, will be the ones that put her over the top. After all, no one cheats like a Clinton – I’m sure Bernie knows this now. If you were to take even half of these “super delegates” away from Hillary and swing them to Bernie, the race would be tight – but then Bernie won’t “reward” them the way Hillary will. Looks like the only real losers are the American public…

02/16 – Republican:

Despite the “caucus” of Iowa (caucus – a meeting of party leaders to select candidates) snubbing him, Donald Trump took a commanding lead in the NH Primary. Which goes to show that while the GOP may want a more traditional candidate, the people want a leader. Maybe this is why the GOP has lost the “G” and may soon lose the “OP”. The GOP should be focused on beating the Democrats, not each other. The debates are a farce, with everyone slinging mud at everyone except Donald – seems nobody can find any dirt. Ted Cruz dumped in NH, while Marco Rubio and JEB! Bush were only outpaced by Carly Fiorina as “not wanted” candidates.

02/16 – Democrats:

Despite giving Hillary the win in Iowa (hey, do YOU want to tell her she lost?), Bernie Sanders made her “Feel the Bern” in New Hampshire. Even after calling in all her “friends” from Massachusetts to help her campaign (btw, if she really knew NH, she’d know that this wouldn’t help), she couldn’t post the numbers. I think she was so frustrated, she left 2 days before the primary to assist the folks in Flint, MI. for a day (I think she ran away before she said something she couldn’t retract). Once again, while the DNC may support Hillary, the people voiced their support for a candidate that would lead without scandal. I’m interested to see what’s next in the “Clinton Playbook of Dirty Tricks”.

01/16 – Republican:

At this time Ted Cruz has risen up to challenge long time leader Donald Trump for the top spot on the Republican card. While Trump’s not showing signs of fear, he is starting to sling a little mud. And although I’m not overly familiar with Ted, I wasn’t very impressed with his “official” website, most of which is hawking “Cruz memorabilia” or pushing for a donation. Spending more time trying to take my money instead of trying to convince me WHY I should vote for him does not endear him to me.

01/16 – Democrat:

Bernie Sanders continues to be a thorn in Hillary’s side. Hillary’s looking a little desperate in her attempts to avoid “The Bern” and assert herself as the clear front runner. She’s running more TV spots now, and has even begun using Bill to shill for her. I think if I hear one more of her “nervous” laughs though I’m going to start looking for the men “in the green and white coats”.

The Party Breakdowns –

The Republicans

There are really only a couple of contenders from the Republican Party, despite the collective.

Donald Trump – This man is an enigma to me. Brusk, arrogant, unfiltered and at times obnoxious, he’s the kind of guy that would have NEVER made it this far “back in the day”. But we’re not “back in the day”, we’re in the here and now. And what he says isn’t all that far off from what a lot of Americans are thinking. And while I think he’d make a better Chief of Staff, I haven’t seen anyone that steps up his game like “The Donald”. And he’s got two things in his favor – he knows how to run a profitable economy, and he wasn’t trained to be a liar (lawyer or politician). What he was trained for is to be successful.

Ben Carson – Let’s face it, nobody’s going to elect a man that looks like he’s sleeping all the time. And why wouldn’t he? After all, he’s a surgeon, a man who saves lives, a…God (most top doctors are accused of having a God complex – look it up if you’re unfamiliar), with an Alfred E Neuman “What, Me Worry?” persona. But I think his biggest downfall (besides never being a business manager) was his need to “prove” he was a tough guy with stories about stabbing people. I’ve seen the “I am not a wimp” presidency once before and that was enough.

Carley Fiorina – Now here’s a story with NO happy ending. As an executive, she tanked Lucent and almost did the same to Hewlett Packard (instead she walked away with a $40M payoff – like a hooker, she was paid to LEAVE). I had the misfortune to be at HP when she was running things, and the last thing I want to see is America sold off until only the White House and her “remodeled” Air Force One are all that’s left of a once great nation. She is the epitome of “A legend in her own mind”.

JEB! Bush – Not since H. Ross Perot’s “flip charts of death” have I seen a man more desperate to obtain a position than JEB! Bush. And the LAST thing I want is a desperate man running my country. Sit down JEB! – George killed it for you long ago.

The rest of the field is exactly that – outstanding in their field (picture a group of politicians standing in the open prairie). But you never know – one might actually rise from the dust by the time the convention begins.

The Democrats

Much easier than the Republicans to document, because there are only three that deserve notice.

Hillary Clinton
– What can I say about Hillary that everyone doesn’t already know? She believes she’s “entitled” to the presidency this time around because she “stepped aside” for the party last time so they could back Obama. And she’s acted like this from the start – the snarky, condescending, confident attitude of the entitled. Unfortunately she’s facing trouble from inside the party again (Sanders). And the fact that she’s a known liar (after all, she was trained for it – lawyer) and a bit “sketchy” about more than a few things in her career (Whitewater, Benghazi, E-Mails, etc.) lead me to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The White house burned 200 years ago – that was enough.

Bernie Sanders – He’s already felt the wrath of the Clinton election campaign by the way they manipulated the DNC to restrict access to lists and to try and discredit him. This just shows me how tough Bernie is to make it through that, to weather a “not again” moment from Hillary. Bernie says the right things and sounds like he knows what he’s doing, but you need to look “under the hood”. Past the blustering on the top to what really lies beneath. I read an interview with Bernie – the first few pages had me saying “Yeah”. Unfortunately as we got closer to the end I was going “No, no no”.

Martin O’Malley – I don’t know much about Marty. All I know comes from a friend who lives in Maryland. And for a few years now, he’s always referred to him as Martin “Owe” Malley. And I trust this man’s judgement. Sit down Marty, I’d like to keep my money.