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The Muslims

You know, I’m getting kind of tired of banging on the Muslims – sure, they’re (not undeservedly) the main target of todays problems, but I’m not buying into that “it’s all the Muslims fault” anymore. I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, the Muslims are getting a bad rap. Now, before you go off on a tangent and start calling me Un-American, hear me out.

We all know that the Koran says any non-Muslim is an infidel, and all infidels must die. But this has been there for over a thousand years, why is it so dangerous NOW? Why haven’t we been at constant war for the past 1500+ years? I’ll tell you why – because only the RADICAL Muslims chose to follow this dictate. Radicals like al-Qaeda and other small groups. Yes, I said small, because when you compare them to the TOTAL Muslim population that’s what they are – small.

But they’re getting bigger, and the reason for that is that there are others joining their ranks. But the ones that are joining aren’t “dyed-in-the-wool” radical Muslims – nope, they’re just your garden variety MURDERER. You know the type, people who hate other people and are looking for any plausible reason to kill without drawing down the hatred of EVERYONE, to “justify their deeds” so’s to speak. And they come from everywhere – America, England, Europe, Asia – not just the Middle East – all with the same thought – to kill.

By screaming “In the name of Allah”, they get the opportunity to gain their 15 minutes of fame while doing what they’ve been wanting to do for a long time, with a proposed excuse. And let’s face it, “In the name of Allah” IS the “phrase du jour”. And of course the radicals are more than happy to use these “killers”, not unlike the way the Mob used to use Murder Inc. – except the Mob targeted “individuals”, while the radicals target “anyone”. And the Mob had respect for Murder Inc. whereas the radicals are just happy some OTHER fool is willing to kill and die for THEIR cause. And because these murderers use Allah as an excuse, all Muslims take the blame.

So maybe we need to stop banging on the Muslims and start looking around for the “odd, out-of-the-ordinary” people around you. Somebody that, maybe, only needs the smallest of excuses to go on a rampage. And maybe we need to start holding others accountable – like the family that says “we told him/her to get help. We could see there was a problem.” So, why didn’t they notify someone that they, as close members to the individual, had fears? To me, by doing nothing they are just as responsible as the individual committing the act.

And we need to start treating these murderers the way they deserve to be treated – not with understanding, not with compassion, not with a long, drawn out trial, but as the terrorists that they are. Present the evidence of a suspected terrorist event involving death to a grand jury and if they believe it’s terrorism, then dump them in Gitmo with the rest. Nationality is irrelevant when you’re a terrorist, and Gitmo’s probably better than what they gave their victims.

At least that’s how I see it.