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Illegal Immigrants

Massachusetts (and others) continue to debate what they perceive to be the unfair actions of the current administration towards undocumented (aka illegal) aliens. And it makes me wonder why – what are so many cities and states becoming “sanctuaries”? Is it that they don’t believe in the immigration laws that the U.S. has in place? Or maybe they feel that they’re “above” the law, and that they are entitled to be whomever they chose to be?

And what do they hope to gain from this stand? Illegals don’t vote (well, at least they shouldn’t) or pay taxes. What would prompt this outpouring of support from local and state governments? Well, I think I may have the answer – illegals increase the overall numbers. And in the end, numbers matter. Here’s why –

In (choose one – democratic/liberal/socialist) governments, the main focus is in creating new programs designed to “help the people”. And some of the “people” think this is a good thing. Who are those people you ask? Well, the first group are the ones that can’t afford things for themselves. Now, I’m not saying that all these folks are slackers – sometimes life just puts you behind the eight ball and you need help. But, for the most part, these are the folks that either believe they’re owed something, or just don’t want honest work, and would prefer to abuse the system.

The second group of folks who believe that this is a good thing are the ones that are fighting for the illegals right now – the political machine. You see, the political machine needs money to exist, and you don’t get money without need, and you don’t get need without numbers. When the numbers are large enough, new departments are created. And these departments need staffing – no, not you or me (unless it’s a “skill” job), these jobs are reserved for the “nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles” of the higher ranking political machine. If you’ve ever wondered why government moves so slow, here’s your answer.

The political machine hires half the staff necessary to run the department, then pads it with friends and relatives – you know, those people that make you say “how in the hell did YOU get this job?” (think DMV). And when the numbers grow, so does the hiring – and the best thing is that you don’t have to prove you’re “legal” to help increase the numbers.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum are the taxpayers – you know, the ones that “foot the bill” for all the departments and labor needed to accommodate the numbers. And we all know, the rich pay next to nothing in taxes, as do the poor. So where does that money come from you ask? Well, it’s the middle class that foots most of the bill. Which is why (choose one – democratic/liberal/socialist) governments rely so heavily on the middle class workforce – especially Massachusetts.

You may ask “why did taxes go up during the recent recession?” Well the answer is simple – the middle class took a hit on jobs, so taxes needed to be raised to compensate for the loss of income. And just imagine what life would be like if the middle class continues to deteriorate. Because you KNOW that the political machine isn’t going to stop growing – not as long as the numbers keep growing – the “faces at the trough”, so as to speak. Which brings us back to the point of our story.

I was watching the news tonight as a representative from Somerville was admonishing the government, making clear that their reasons for wanting to deport illegals was unjust. And maybe, in Somerville, that’s true. But it’s a moot point anyway. You see, We The People passed laws making clear the requirements to immigrate to the United States. We did this so that our country wouldn’t be flooded by everyone that could find a way to get here. We faced that issue a few times before, and took steps so that we didn’t have to face it again.

If you don’t like a law – city, state or federal – then you write a new one to repeal it – you don’t just decide that it “doesn’t work for you” and ignore it. I’ve known a number of hard working individuals who followed the laws to come here and, eventually, become citizens. I salute them for their hard work and welcome them with open arms. But to those that chose to sneak in and drain our resources, and to those that support them, well, the door is right over there – don’t let it hit your ass on the way out.