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What’s The Difference

Someone once asked me the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative – I gave them this analogy:

You are the owner of a bar. You have two bartenders, one of whom you need to choose to run the bar for you.

The first bartender is a laid-back kind of individual, who doesn’t use measures or the “3 second” rule – they pour a “heavy” drink.

The second bartender is a little more uptight, uses the 3 second rule and measures carefully.

While they both bring in good business, the first bartender brings in about one and a half more customers than the second.

The first bartender has an average of 4 police calls during a month. Some bar fights and a number of “accidents” caused by over-intoxication of patrons.

The second bartender has the occasional police call and minimal accidents.

Between over pour, damages and clean up, the first bartender nets you $40K per month.

The second bartender has minimal expenses and nets you $80K per month.

So – who do you want running your bar?

Yes, I agree, it’s a rhetorical question. As a customer, you’d visit the first bartender with regularity. I mean, after all, who doesn’t want to get hammered “on the cheap”. But you see, it’s not “cheap” for the person who has to pay for everything bartender number one gives away. Bartender number two doesn’t give anything away, but they (hopefully) don’t cheat you either. And they provide a safer environment for you to enjoy yourself.

People who are looking for handouts will look to the Liberals – for that “heavy” pour.

People who believe that everyone should pay their own way will look to the Conservatives – you pay your own way.

Which is the right choice? Well, that depends on who you are and what you believe. There is no “wrong” answer, just a lifestyle choice.