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Square Copper Pan Review

Back in early November, while I was at Ocean State Job Lot, I ran across one of those “square copper pans” – you know, the non-stick kind that you see on TV. Anyway, I’d done some research and, with the exception of a few quirks, they’d received OK reviews.

But there was no way I was going to pay $80 for a gimmick pan, so imagine my surprise when I saw it at Job Lot for $40. So I picked it up and, since it’s Christmas time and folks are looking for gifts, I thought I’d give my “month’s worth” review.

So far, everything I’ve seen, heard and read about this pan is true. The package that I picked up came with pan, lid (both quality), wire fry basket (flimsy) and steamer base (haven’t tried yet). Nothing else though. I don’t know if there was any documentation with it when it arrived in the store, but there was nothing when I got it. And that’s OK, because the internet has everything you need to know, since, despite the name, they all seem to be the same product. And I found any/all recipes I’d ever need. So far I’ve cooked a variety of things, from eggs to meat to “mac-n-cheese” in this – no oil or butter, just straight in – and it cooks evenly and wipes clean every time.

One of the reviews I’d read mentioned that the the “baked on” copper coating chips off, and I do have a couple of small chips missing on the bottom, despite my careful handling. Again, as long as it doesn’t affect how the product works, I can live with it.

Overall, to me, it’s worth the $40 – it heats evenly, cleans easily and is oven/stove usable. I’m sure that you can probably find it for less, if not now then right after Christmas.