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And Now, The News

As I was watching the news the other night on (channel is irrelevent), I felt a terrible shaking of the earth. But what I though was possibly an earthquake was most likely just Edward R. Morrow, rolling over in his grave, with conviction.

Does anyone else miss Walter Cronkite as much as I do? What ever happened to truth and credibility, instead of likeability? Or unbiased reporting of all news, not just snippets of specific networks personal agendas? Why has the FCC failed us?

I mean, pick a source, any source. And what do you find? Personal agendas – Rupert Murdoch’s at Fox, or Brian Williams “enhancing” at NBC. I can go on and on, but what difference does it make – they’re all the same. Even the great newspapers of old are now into the same thing – entertainment news. Reality television that’s loosely based on reality. We don’t want hard-hitting, investigative journalism – America wants it quick and neat and wrapped in pretty paper right next to a puppy.

Does anyone else remember when the National Enquirer (and papers like it) were laughed at as “rags”, instead of being used as a template for today’s top stories? When Huntley and Brinkley, stern-faced as always, enlightened you to what was happening in and around the world, instead of a bunch of happy-go-lucky anchors grinning and laughing their way through a pile of fluff?

As a kid, I remember being taught the the Soviet Union only had one news source – Pravda – and that all Pravda was allowed to report was whatever the Communist Party told them to. America lauded itself as being free – free to report ANYTHING that was actual and unbiased. So what the hell happened?

As I search the plethora of news outlets available on cable (unlike “back in the day” when there were only four, and the “real” news was in the evening), I can’t seem to find a single one that isn’t biased in one way or another. Just like I was taught about Pravda, American news outlets are being fed whatever agenda their owners have. Honesty, integrity and credibility seem to be a thing of the past.

And it’s not like you can go elsewhere for the truth. Newspapers and internet news sources are following this same pattern. It’s no longer about the news – it’s all about advertising revenue – it’s all about sensationalism. Boko Haram and the atrocities they’re perpetrating – not interesting news. Kardashians frolicking on the beach – good ad revenues. Earthquakes and floods – maybe a few minutes. Donald Trump farting or talking about farting – good ad revenues.

I’m sure there are still some holdouts, those that subscribe to the “Good Night and Good Luck” principles of early broadcast news. But finding them, for me, seems like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is no rest for those in search of the truth…