The Old Man On The Mountain

A View From the Backwoods of NH


Since Donald Trump was elected as President, there has been no end to what I like to refer to as *”The Chicken Little” response by a great many Americans. To me, it seems, the largest negative responses have come from two groups – first the “Snowflakes”, those 18-30 individuals that foresee a collapse in *”gubment cheese” – and Women, who firmly believe that the President is a misogynist who will destroy life as they know it.

Now, the majority of the “Snowflakes” have decided that one of the best ways to show that they are upset and don’t want to abide by the election results is to not attend college classes. Which makes me wonder why we send these people to college to begin with, when it’s obvious that they’re not bright enough to realize that the only ones they’re hurting are themselves – not Trump. SAT’s don’t measure emotional stability, but there should be some type of testing that does. This would help to separate those who truly value and deserve an education from those who go just so they don’t have to enter the workforce instead. This will also help to “open slots” in otherwise crowded institutions.

As for the recent “Million Women March”, I have to wonder what, besides the assumption that Trump is a misogynist, caused this to happen now. One of the signs I saw was held up proudly by Melissa Benoist, the young lady that plays “Supergirl” in the most current series. Her protest sign said “Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy – it’s made of steel”. Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that some people only seem to hear what they want – not what was said. So I’ll try to clarify it again – basically Donald said that if (as a guy) you are rich, most women will do anything, including letting you “grab them by the pussy”.

Now, I’m sorry ladies, but I have to agree with Donald. You see it all the time – rich older guys with young women – young women willing to do whatever it takes to be there. As for what Donald said, being a guy I can confirm for you today that at least 80% of your spouses have uttered some semblance of that phase themselves (if not something far more degrading). That’s just who guys are – you ladies know it – so quit acting so “high and mighty”. If the women involved in the Million Women March really want to target someone, try targeting all those women that would “give it up in a heartbeat” for a rich, famous or good looking guy. Without them the phrase would not exist.

Now I’d like to weigh in on the rest of those who feel that the world is coming to an end:

LGBTQ E I E I O or whatever it is today, I’m tired of you and all your supporters jumping all over my ass if I don’t get your name or representation specifically correct in a way that appeases you. You change your name more frequently than the weather changes in New England. How about if we just go to HS for heterosexual and NHS for non-heterosexual? That covers all the bases doesn’t it? And I don’t care which bathroom you use or what you identify with – let’s just make all the bathrooms unisex and anyone that lets their young child in there alone should have child services come and remove that child from their family.

All this Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Yakety yackety-yack – all you folks keep complaining that you’re all discriminated against and that this country doesn’t do enough for you. Do you realize that for the past eight years we’ve had a Black President? Do you realize that this all went down on his watch? I don’t think the problem you have is with the United States – I think the problem is with the perception some people have of certain individuals based on the fact that they sing songs about killing and hating, and that every time they get pissed off they destroy shit.

When you scare people they act in a scared manner – Police or Citizens – scared is scared. And before you jump all over my shit whenever I use the phrase “you”, I’m not talking about all black people, I’m talking about all the people that have a problem with this. Quit looking for a fight (see previous paragraph). Colin Kaepernick didn’t disrespect America. He disrespected the President of the United States (who happened to be black). If everyone’s rights were being trampled on for so long, how come no one stood up until someone new is taking over? I think it’s pretty hypocritical to excuse the person in charge for the last eight years just to blame a person who hasn’t even been in office a week yet.

And don’t even get me started on Women’s Rights or Planned Parenthood. From the beginning of time women have been discriminated against – so everyone else get to the back of the line. The way women have been treated is absolute proof that stupidity is generational. How many guys out there would KILL anyone that talks shit about their Mamma, yet doesn’t do the same to anyone that discriminates against women? Equal pay for equal work is just the tip of the iceberg. WE ARE ALL HUMANS – let’s start acting like it.

And there was a time that Planned Parenthood had a legitimate reason to exist – when birth control and laws were not established for a society that exploded into sexual freedom. But that was more than sixty years ago, and the time for Federal funding of that program has long since expired. There’s no reason why taxpayers should be involved in any aspect of someone’s sexual activity – that’s what charities and donations are for. If parents aren’t able to explain clearly the ramifications of unsafe sexual activity, having a third party there to clean up their mess isn’t going to help. Only continuing education on the subject will help – and that’s what schools are funded for.

If there’s anyone I’ve missed in this article, my apologies. In today’s world it’s hard to keep track of all the individual groups that are offended by my existence. Which leads me to my final thought – when you exclude someone – anyone – you always end up with hard feelings. This is especially so when it comes to rights – human rights. Maybe, just maybe, if all these individual groups joined together as one, representing each other as well as ALL HUMANS, to secure equal rights FOR ALL, then something could be accomplished.

Throughout time it has been proven that teams can withstand and overcome individuals every time. There’s strength in numbers, and there IS strength in supporting everyone. Oh, and quit using names, like “Snowflake”. All that does is piss people off. Just a thought…

* “The Chicken Little” – Living life under the “what if” assumption without checking or confirming all facts. Similar to panic.
* “gubment cheese” – Subsidy by the federal government.